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'''Antonio Pigafetta''' (; c. 1491 – c. 1531) was an Italian scholar and explorer from the Republic of Venice. He traveled with the Portugal|Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and his crew by order of the King Charles I of Spain on their voyage to the Indies for spices. During the expedition, he served as Magellan's assistant and kept an accurate journal which later assisted him in translating the Cebuano language. It is the first recorded document concerning this language. Pigafetta was one of the 18 men who returned to Spain in 1522, out of the approximately 240 who set out three years earlier. The voyage completed the first circumnavigation of the world; Juan Sebastián Elcano served as captain after Magellan's death. Pigafetta's journal is the source for much of what we know about Magellan and Elcano's voyage. At least one warship of the Italian Royal Navy|Italian Navy, a destroyer of the...
Birth dateAround 1491
Birth placeVicenza, Republic of Venice (now Italy)
Residence{{flag|Republic of Venice}}
Nationality{{flag|Republic of Venice|name=Venetian}}
Death dateAround {{death year and age|1531|1491}}
Death place| known_for =
Other namesAntonio Lombardo
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